Mystery Room is a fun real life escape game in Deusto, Bilbao. The rules are very simple.You just have to put together a team between 2 and 6 people, as team work in essential, and enter the Escape Room. The door closes and the countdown starts: you will have 1 hour to get out. Inside the room, you will find mysterious objects, enigmas, puzzles and clues that will allow you to solve different problems until you find the last clue that will give you access to the exit.

To play, you only need to use your wit and intuition; skills and physical strength can be left at home.

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Mystery Room is a game suitable for all audiences but the difficulty is high so children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by, at least, one adult. Of course you can also come and play as a family, as long as everyone gets on well. Team work is essential and the only way to get out of Mystery Room. Although the atmosphere is magical and mysterious, no one will get scared in Mystery Room.There aren’t any terrifying objects, you will not be attacked by giant spiders and you will not find any zombies in the wardrobe. We might have inserted one or two pranks but the shock will not make the use of a defibrillator necessary.


If a team consisting of only children wants to come on their own, they are able to do it. We have adapted the game for a KID’S LEVEL so children aged 9 or older can come and play on their own.

We will take care of everything: an instructor will lead them during the hour the game lasts encouraging participation, team work and logical thinking, so they are able to solve the problems in a unique, fun and mysterious environment. They will be motivated during the whole hour. Entertainment is the goal, the development of their skills a success.


It is necessary to make a reservation if you want to play Mystery Room: you can click on “booking” or call us. You can pay with card through the secure payment gateway or by bank transfer. You can also make a reservation and pay IN CASH at out centre, but you will have to call first and make an appointment, as will not able to attend you if a game is in progress.

You can cancel it up to 72 hours prior to the time of your booking. You can change the date and/or time.

The price for an hour long game is 65 euros, regardless of the number of players (2 to 6).


Currently only one game is available although we are working on a second one. Our first game is called The Magic Room and, as its name suggests, it is set in a magical room. The Fast Magician has left his room full of magical and mysterious objects, enigmas to solve and clues to follow. But beware! as it is also full of surprises and traps. Do not let him fool you, nothing is what it seems.

Do not hesitate and go to our booking area