Why do I have to pay to be locked in a room?

That is how we do it, we first charge you 50 euros for each team and then we lock you inside a room. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that it is worth it. You will spend very entertaining 60 minutes and you will have fun. Although we cannot guarantee you will get out before the 1-hour timer runs out.

Is Mystery Room only for adults?

Mystery Room is a high difficulty escape game. Children under 16 must have at least one adult in their team.If a team consisting of only children wants to come without their parents, uncles, aunts or siblings, they are able to do it. We have adapted the game for a KID’S LEVEL so children aged 9 or older can come and play on their own. An instructor will be with them to lead and help them apply logical thinking and teach them that team work is the best way to solve the problems they will face in the room.

Is Mystery Room only for kids?

There are two modes available.

A “kid’s mode” is available for children aged 9 or older and they do not have to be accompanied by an adult.

The “adult’s mode” presents a high difficulty and not every team meets the challenge.

Do we have to wear or take anything special?

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes, anything you would normally wear; you will not get dirty. You will not be able to run away, so sportswear will not be necessary. We allow formal dress, evening dress, and banana costumes. As long as you are dressed it is ok with us.

You will not need Captain Carioca’s multi-tool, Hal 9000’s brain nor the pocket format of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Are we going to get scared?

No, the game does not include anything scary, although some pranks placed by the crazy game designers may startle someone. Nothing too serious but we recommend to be on the lookout. What you will NOT find around the corner is any living or un-dead creature. Any hairy monsters, giant insects or pets either.

Do we have to know different languages?

We are not going to deny the importance of knowing different languages for personal and professional development, but it is not necessary to play Mystery Room.

What happens if I am unable to attend after booking?

You can cancel it up to 72 hours prior to the time of your booking. You can change the date and/or time or get a refund. To do so you will have to contact us as soon as possible via email or phone. No changes or refunds will be made if you contact us less than 72 hour prior to the time of your booking.

What happens if we are late?

You have to be on time as everything is timed and before each game starts the room has to be cleaned up and prepared. If a team is late, everyone else would be delayed as a consequence so the game must start on time, it cannot start later. Unfortunately, if you are late, you will not be able to play, get a refund or change the date.

How can I pay for my booking?

You can pay with card through the secure payment gateway or by cash in the centre. We are not able to accept cards in the centre.

What happens if we are not able to get out before the 1-hour timer runs out?

The game lasts an hour, if you are not able to get out on your own, we will have to open the door and release you. We would love to adopt you all but we do not have enough room.